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PostSubject: !!!IMPORTANT!!!   Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:30 pm

If you want to be a trainer you MUST meet the following requirements.
Copy this chart and replace it with your information, then PM it to me or Treks. Then we will post it up here. Post your training times in the Training time forum. Trainers must have one Training session every two weeks or more if they want.

<insert name here>
X. Must be active in forum and game. (or prove that you will be)
X. Must have all Starter Class skills. (put Warrior Mage Healer ranks here)
1. Must be at least lv.15
2. Post up your time zone and server.
3. What your class ranks are (only ranks of 5 and up)
4. Stuff about yourself/char that trainee's should know.
5. (optional) Days/Times that you will regularly train every week.
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