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PostSubject: !!!RULES!!!   Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:03 pm

1. Only trainers can post up new topics here.
2. You MUST Post the Training time 3 full days (72 hours) before the event takes place.
3. If No one has confirmed that they will come to your Training session, within 12 hours of it happening, it is canceled
4. Stay on topic this is not the discussion forum. Only post to put up times, or confirm that you will attend.
5. Go to the event if you Confirm. Its just rude if you don't.
6. Trainers post your times Like this.

I will be training/farming <Gold/Exp/Rank> at /join <roomname>-9273 (you need the 9273)
It will start at <time> and end <time>
-If you want to put up any specific rules or important things put them here-

6. Follow this guide for confirming. Copy and paste it, or memorize it doesn't has to be word for word.

<insert AQW name>
I will arrive at <time> to <time>
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