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The Headquarters of The Silver Zard. Adventure Quest Worlds most unnacomplished clan of Avengers for hire!
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 Omndra Gladiatior

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Zard Hero

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PostSubject: Omndra Gladiatior   Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:03 pm

Silver Zard

1. ATM I am lv.14
2. West coast- Cycero server
3. Warrior (8 ) Healer (5) Berzerker (7) A. Pirate (5)
4. I am the clan leader of this training organization. When you are in my training group, I am god to you. Don't worry i am a nice god, as long as you do what i tell you, and I will listen to your training needs. If I am not at my training session. you become a democracy unless I have selected someone else to lead it.

5. Every saterday I hold a training session, starting at 8:30pm in /join invaision-9273. We will spend thirty minutes there gathering people and to decide on where/what to train. At 9:00pm (or sooner) we will go to /join lair-9273 unless another location is decided. I won't specify an ending time, because I know we wouldn't be able to keep it.
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Omndra Gladiatior
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